This is just a fraction of the Breyer collection that my mom, sister, and I have amassed. We like old, rare, and oddball Breyers in particular, and this is a sampling of our weirdest, and therefore (we think) coolest, vintage stuff. We've been actively collecting for more than 25 years, and many of our oddities were purchased at flea markets, antique shops, and garage sales over the years. Enjoy!

None of the models pictured here are for sale. We have a "black hole" collection (things go in but never come out). :-)


Lots of rare and unusual lamps and TV lamps


The usual suspects, some oddities, and Hartland vs Breyer horses-over-the-clock

Night Lights

Breyer keeps the dark at bay!

Presentation Pieces

Rare models on bases

Horse and Rider Sets and Other Furies

Lots of interesting paper ephemera included

Grooming Kits

Western Horses and Ponies, PAMs and PAFs, and Poodles


Rare elephants, donkeys, wildlife, dogs, and more

Proud Arab Mare Collection

My nearly complete conga line

Miscellaneous Rare Models and Oddities

Rare boxes, stickers, and other weird stuff

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