The Proud Arab Mare is one of my favorite Breyer molds, and this page showcases the PAMs in my collection.

I am interested in purchasing a few PAMs to complete my conga line. They are as follows: 2008 Velvet Rope Event SR "Celebrity" PAM and any test runs. I am also interested in purchasing the old brown (either version) PAM boxes for the alabaster, mahogany, and dapple grey mares. If you have any of these for sale, please contact me at Thanks!

This is our ultra-rare Old Mold Glossy Appaloosa PAM.
My lovely Woodgrain PAM. She required a bit of restoration, but I think she turned out beautifully.
The Old Mold PAM in bay, but this is a nifty variation with only 2 socks instead of the usual 4.
Her other side which has dramatically prettier shading. Go figure.
The Old Mold PAM in chalky bay. I know of only three or four of these gals in chalky. I am looking to purchase the matching chalky PAF if anyone has one for sale.
This is the Old Mold mare in glossy alabaster. She has really amazing shading on her chest, elbows, and flanks. I've never seen another mare like her.
Here she is again showing the dark shading on her chest.
This is probably the rarest PAM of them all, the Glossy Alabaster Grooming Kit set, found sealed in the box with all of her accessories. She is 1 of 2 sets known to exist (we lucked into both), both of which turned up in the Atlanta area. The set was made for one year only in 1958 for the Sears Christmas catalog. The matching PAF can be seen here.
This is a rare OM PAM and PAF nightlight in alabaster. Only the mare lights up. :-) I am looking for a set in bay, either on or off the base.
The back side showing the switch and hole through which the light is inserted.

The palomino PAM was long thought to be a hobby myth, and this gal is very probably the model at the root of the stories. She is a test run that dates from around 1970 or 1971. At that time, Breyer had re-acquired the rights to produce the PAM, and as a "new mold" model with a stamp, this mare is thought to have been a test run for the new mold PAMs. They were ultimately released in mahogany, alabaster, and dapple grey, but not palomino.

In 1971, renowned hobbyist, collector, and Breyer consultant Marney Walerius brought this model home from the factory, and it has been in collectors' hands ever since. I am guessing that Breyer opted not to produce the Proud Arabs in palomino because the Family Arabs were already available in that color and had been for some time.

Jumping to the 1970s when the Proud Arab Mare (new mold) was reintroduced after a 10 year hiatus, this is one of three sets of PAMs issued with a braided, tassled halter and carrying case. The dapple grey mares came with blue and white halters, the mahogany mares came with red and white halters, and the alabaster mares came with green and white halters. Occassionally, the colors got mixed up. The late Marney Walerius, "godmother" of the model horse hobby, once told me that she braided thousands of these halters herself. :-)

The mahogany set.

The alabaster set.
A glossy dapple grey PAM variation (she doesn't look it in this photo, but she is glossy).
A rare chalky dapple grey variation.
A dapple grey PAM with funky, huge dapples.
Her other side.
A light variation dapple grey PAM with haloed spots.
A close up to show the tiny halo spots around the bigger dapples.
There are about as many variations as there are dapple grey PAMs, but I've managed to collect some fun examples, I think. This gal is very uniform grey color with dapples all over, even in her mane and tail.
A PAM with nice dark shading.
A variation with tiny dapples.
A very contrasty PAM with dark shading and bold big splattery spots.
A PAM with bizarre, dark legs and only 2 socks.
The black point variation that was produced from 1983-1984. I am looking for this variation with four white socks.
A light powdery grey mare I purchased in 1988. Her coloring is typical of the last year or two of production of the dapple grey Proud Arab family. She has a pink nose and ears, something not seen on earlier versions.
A dapple grey PAM box from the late 1970s.
The mahogany PAMs varied greatly, both in color and finish. This mare is a semi-gloss with browner tones.
This mare is a glossy with reddish tones.

This is a very matte finish mare who sports only two socks. The stockings on the mahogany mares varied, though most seem to have 2 or 4 socks, often with overspray on the existing socks. The 2 sock models can have them on the front or hind feet.

Incidentally, this is the first model horse I ever bought at a flea market.

A matte Mahogany PAM with distinct golden tones to her color.
A very light reddish Mahogany PAM. I would guess she was from near the end of the run given that she is quite different from the earlier, dark Mahogany mares.
A rare chalky magohany PAM.
A mahogany PAM box from the late 1970s.
A matte alabaster PAM.
A chalky alabaster PAM. It's hard to see in my photo, but she is painted white, not bare plastic. She almost looks like bisque porcelain. :-)
The chalky alabaster PAM on the left and a regular alabaster on the right. Note the soft quality of the grey on the mare on the right. The color was painted on bare plastic whereas the grey on the chalky mare was painted over an opaque white basecoat of paint.
An Alabaster PAM box from the late 1970s.
A later alabaster PAM box from the late 1970s or early 1980s.
An unpainted PAM, a JAH SR from 1980.
1983 J. C. Penneys SR Bay with blaze
The pale flaxen chestnut PAM made for the Model Horse Congress in 1985. Only about 250 pieces were produced.
The rare 1985 SR Black PAM. Approximately 60 were made for Breyer sponsored shows.
The very rare 1986 SR grey Congress PAM, 1 of approximately 6 made. She is a soft shaded grey color with pale golden brown undertones.
The red bay overo SR PAM made for Sears in 1988.
The dappled rose grey mare made from 1989-1990. These models varied in shade from pale dun to greyish to rosy.
An unfinished dapple rose grey mare. (Her eyes and hooves were painted by a former owner, not by the factory.)
One of prettiest PAMs, the flaxen red chestnut made from 1991-1992.
This is the fleabit PAM made as part of a SR set for Sears in 1991 and 1992.
This is the elusive silver filigree PAM made as the judges' model at the very first Breyerfest live show in 1993. Only 30 pieces were produced. The color was designed by long-time collector Shirley Ketchuck.
This is Steel Dust, the 1993 Just About Horses SR. Approximately 1500 pieces were produced.
This is a really bad picture of the QVC SR bay from 1995. Approximately 1800 were made.
The lovely Kharma Gypsy, a dark bay tobiano PAM made from 1996-1998.
The golden chestnut overo PAM produced as a SR for Sears in 1996. She sports the same pattern as the earlier red bay overo SR, but she has four socks.
Carinosa, the 2001 Limited Edition with hang tag
Banat Er Rih, the lovely rose grey 2002 Tour Stop SR
Shalimar, the 7th Connoisseur model, a bay rabicano sabino PAM. She was produced in 2002 and was limited to 350 pieces.
La Jolla, a SR of 40 pieces for the 2012 Passage to the Pacific event

And some non-OF but still fun faux PAMs...

This is a CM glossy palomino PAM painted by me in about 2001. She was inspired by the rumors of Palomino PAMs that floated around the hobby for years. The test run PAM that sparked the rumors (pictured above) is now happily part of my collection.
A PAM mule? And fuzzy no less! This sweet flockie was probably made by Riegseckers though it was never an official SR ordered by Breyer (like the Sears SR Clydesdale Mares, for instance). Riegseckers flocked many Breyers for collectors and sold many flocked mules and drafters complete with harnesses and vehicles of every variety.
Who could resist that face?


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