I collect a little of everything: vintage Breyers, Hartlands, many chinas, resins and vintage customs, etc. I am always happy to trade my work for things on my want list, and many things I will purchase outright as well. Please feel free to email me if you have something you think I'd be interested in.

Artist Resins/Customs/Plastic Bodies:

Julie Froelich: any customs
Brigette Eberl: Any resin, original sculpture, or custom
Sarah Rose: Affinity, Independence, Khemosabi, Deseoso, UVM Yesteryear, all minis
Sarah Minkiwicz-Breunig: any customs, resins, or medallion
Lynn Fraley: Raakid
Ed and Kathi Bogucki: Dozen Roses, Strawberry Jam
Karen Gerhardt: Vigil, Farad'n, any customs (especially vintage)
Carol Williams: QH1, Valor, any customs
Lesli Kathman: Loki, any customs
Kitty Cantrell: Romance
Sue Sifton: Metolius
Carlee Balling: All minis, Haute Aire
Kristina Lucas: Sia

Breyer bodies: Alborozo, Astrid, Hamilton, Shannondell, Emerson/Winx, Altynai, Georg, Vermeer, Troubador, Dundee, Rhian and Cadell, and Damara Zebra


OF Plastics:

PAMs: VRE "Celebrity," any test runs or interesting oddities

PAFs: Palomino Appaloosa Fun Foal, any test runs or interesting oddities

In-Between Mare: any color, any condition

CWPs: 1987 SR Bay

Ruffians: Glossy Rags to Riches, Glossy Rachel Alexandra

Decorators: Copenhagen Running Foal, Wedgewood Mustang, Wedgewood Five-Gaiter, Wedgewood Running Mare

Breyer Conn Horses: Mosaic

Treasure Hunt Horses: Rainbow clearware Weather Girl

BF Live SR Prize/Raffle Horses: any, especially glossies; Windswept, Serengeti. 1991 Copenhagen San Domingo, 2009 BF Surprise QH Geldings (silver filigree, smoke, and charcoal)

Hartland: 11" Regal Arab (1960's pearl)

Grand Wood Carving: potentially interested in any of them, but especially the racehorses (Man O' War, Armed, Citation, Alsab, etc)


OF Resins:

Eustis: Thoroughbred (preferably in grey)

Hartland: "Simply Splendid" dapple grey Arab stallion (Moody piece)

Starlite Creations/Equine Collection: Secretariat, Ruffian


OF Chinas:

Hagen-Renaker: Crusader (must be crisp and well-shaded), Roan Lady (doeskin/rosegrey), Monrovia Large Zara (white, rose grey, or bay (I can dream), any condition, preferably crisp and well-shaded, but I will take just about anything at this point), Small Zara (any reissues), Small Amir (doeskin), Vanguard (bay or buckskin), King Cortez (Monrovia white), San Marcos QH Mare (black appaloosa), Nancy (rose grey), Drum Major (white or palomino), Heather (white), Lippet (Monrovia chestnut or palomino), Peggy Lou (palomino), DW cartoony Zebra mare and foal, Racehorse (old or reissue), Mini Citation, any Mini Arabian Mare or Stallions, any Rearing minis (either of the old Monrovia molds), any Mini Head Up or Head Down Horses, Mini QH Stallion and Foal, TB Foal (bay), Mini Saddlebred (bay or white, must have nice detail and shading)

Hagen-Renaker Animals: DW Nubian Goat (glossy), DW Buffalo (any color, especially white test run), any DW Pheasants and Quails, DW Siamese Ching Wu (preferably with rounded pupils), DW Grizzly, DW Koala, any DW Jane, Betty, or Peggy Squirrel (looking for any variations I don't already have), 1960 DW Doe, Monrovia Sentinel witch character eyes, Black Bisque Fox and Dead Bird, and Disney Sleeping Beauty pieces (especially Samson and Malificent), and Zany Zoo pieces, any wall plaques 

Maureen Love Originals or Molds From Maureen's Garage or Made With Love or Share the Love: literally anything

Royal Worchester: Nijinsky, Mill Reef, Red Rum, Hyperion, Arkle, Clydesdale, Suffolk Punch

Albany: Mill Reef, Brigadier Gerard

Beswick: Connemara "Therese of Leam," Fell Pony "Dene Dauntless," Dales Pony "Maisie"

Other: Any pieces sculpted by Theodore Karner or Heinrich Hussmann (Rosenthal, Nymphenberg, Furstenberg, Allach, etc)