Please read through the information below before contacting me about CMs. Thanks!

Yes, I am currently accepting new commissions!

* What forms of payment do you accept? When should I pay you? I accept checks, money orders, and Paypal (including credit cards via Paypal). I prefer payment upfront, but installments can be arranged if necessary. I require a deposit of at least 50%. Please email me for specifics.

* Will you trade for your work? Yes, I am happy to trade for things listed on my want list. Please email me with information on what you are interested in trading.

* Do I need to prep my horse before I send it to you? No, it is not required. I will be able to paint your horse more quickly, however, if it is prepped. Even though I dislike doing prep work, I am a very thorough and meticulous prepper, and I do not cut corners.

* Do you charge extra for prepping? No, prepping is included in the price.

* How long will it take you to paint my horse? It depends on the model---size, amount of prepping required, difficulty of paintjob, etc. I work a full-time job and though I do often paint in the evenings after work, most of my painting is done on the weekends when I have large blocks of time to devote to my commissions. So that said, please expect a wait of around six months, possibly longer. I am very detail-oriented and a perfectionist, so prepping, painting, and detailing a model takes me many hours.

* What media do you use? I paint primarily with an Iwata HP-C airbrush using Jo Sonya acrylic guache. Once I have airbrushed the base color, I detail the model with a combination of pastels, pigments, pencils, and hand-painted acrylics. All models are sealed with Krylon matte fixative.

* Can you paint my horse in time for a show? No, I'm sorry, but I can no longer promise horses in time for shows.

* Will you donate a custom to my show? No, I can no longer donate painted pieces to shows. Unfortunately, they take too much time away from my commissioned pieces.

* I would like a portrait of my favorite racehorse, but I'm not part of the model horse hobby. Can you suggest an appropriate body? Yes, please visit this page to see Thoroughbred models available in plastic or resin.

* Did you get my horse? Are you done yet? Please visit my progress page to see where your order stands. I try to keep it updated regularly as it's easier to maintain than piles of email. I don't have a lot of internet time anymore, so I tend to be slow with email. Please feel free to email me again and jog my memory if you don't get a reply within a week. I also strongly suggest you follow my Facepage or Instagram page for the most up-to-date information on what I'm working on.

* If I am not satisfied with my model, will you make changes? Within reason, yes. Before I ship a model out, I will email finished pix to the owner to approve. If changes need to be made, I will do so. I am also willing to make minor changes to a piece at no further cost if the customer deems it necessary upon seeing the piece in person. I do ask that the customer pay return shipping. Changes that require some repainting may incur further cost. Showing or altering the piece nullifies this offer.

* I own one of your customs, but it needs some touch ups. Will you fix it? Yes, I am always happy to do small touch ups on my work at no cost. I only ask that the owner of the model pay for return shipping. If a model has extensive damage and needs to be partially repainted, please send me a detailed description or photos of the damage so I can give an estimate for repair.

* Are there any models you won't paint? Yes, I will not accept orders to paint Wixom, Goffert, or Big Lick TWHs. I have painted too many Wixies and Gofferts and need a breather from them. And I do not condone the rampant abuse in the Big Lick industry and do not wish to promote it even in models.

* How will I know when you have models for sale? Please feel free to follow my Facebook studio page for the latest news from me. I do also sometimes post sales announcements on my blog and Instagram account as well.

Solid/Roan Colors
Dappled Colors
Micro Minis
Stablemate Foals
Stablemate Adults
Little Bits
Classic Foals
Classic Adults
Traditional Foals
Traditional Adults
Oversized Traditional Adults

*Oversized trads include: PS Drafters, Equus Maximus, some traditional Kitty Cantrell resins, solid-cast Matriarch resins (because she's murder on my hands), etc.