I can rarely afford to buy resins painted by other artists, but here are a few pieces I couldn't live without. :-)
This is Gil-galad, a Lynn Fraley Raakid resin painted by Tom Bainbridge. This guy is #60/60.
This is Cleo, Lynn Fraley's stunning Koko resin also painted by Tom Bainbridge. She was the Champ Other Draft at NAN 2004.
This is the rare Karen Gerhardt Farad'n resin produced in 1999. He is #2 of 8 pieces. This is another holy grail piece that I just lucked into---because so few were produced, I was very lucky to find one for sale, and even better, in the color I like best from the run. He is also NAN qualified.
This is Wild Fit, Karen Gerhardt's young TB filly "Portrait" resin (painted by Karen). I named this gal after a favorite filly by the same name who tragically died of colic in December 2006.
Seeing a trend here? :-) Another Karen Gerhardt horse, her tiny Alessan resin---he's slightly smaller than Stablemate size. I think he might have been painted by Karen, but I can't quite make out the signature. He was produced in the late 1990s.
This is the lovely Carlee Balling mini Arab gelding painted by Danelle Gatcomb.
This is another Carlee Balling horse, her mini QH mare. This one was painted by Sandi Bendel-Gaertner.
This is Bourboun Street, the AA Mini ASB painted by Lynne Von Mayr. She gave the model her trademark string mane and tail.

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