I love customs, especially drastic or vintage customs. I'm always looking for more, particularly horses by Karen Gerhardt, Julie Froelich, Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, Lynn Fraley, etc, so please email me if you have something for sale. :-)
This handsome fellow is Angharad, a cold-painted version of Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig's Excalibur china. He is one of only two pieces from the edition that she cold-painted.
A beautiful dapple grey PAM by Tom Bainbridge.
This lovely mare is WV Aspen Gold, a CM Lady Phase by Karen Gerhardt created in 1993 (when CMs were still RRHs and Karen's studio was still called Wizard's Vale). I remember seeing this horse featured in an ad in The Hobby Horse News in 1993, and I just fell in love with her. She was donated to a show in CO as a raffle prize, but I sure wished I could buy her (not possible on my teenage budget at the time). Eleven years later, I happened to be cruising eBay, and there she was. I had to have her. It was fate. :-) I showed her at GLC 2005, and the old girl has still got it. She won 4 NAN cards!
This is RM Nuclear Winter, a beautiful CM Breyer Clyde Mare done by Julie Froelich in 1991. I never dreamed I would actually own a horse by Julie, and I am just thrilled to have this amazing mare. My picture does her no justice whatsoever. :-)
This is Shipwreck Joe, an incredible customized ISH with an Adios head done by Tiffany Purdy.
This lovely mare is Janice Brent Starr's china Morgan mare finished by Janice. She was produced in a very small run in the early 1990s. I have long admired Janice's horses, so I am very pleased to have been able to add this stunning horse to my collection.
This is RAS Shiraz, a PAM remade by RaeAnn Sneathen in about 1989 or 1990. Not long after this guy was created, RaeAnn released a resin done from a very similar PAM remake. The Sneathen Arab resin was a *hot* commodity at the 2nd or 3rd Breyerfest (I can't remember which). I remember drooling over the table of exquisitely painted horses and wishing I could buy one, so I was very pleased to have the chance to buy this fellow who was a precurser of that resin. :-)
CM Breyer Haflinger to Fjord by "CM" (Candy Maynard?) in 1992
This handsome stud is Vermeer, a customized Breyer classic TB by Kathleen Timmerman. I show him as a TB/Friesian cross.
This lovely boy is the Breyer Classic Man O' War painted by my friend Daphne Mazuz in oils.
This adorable little filly is a customized SM Pony done by Tammy Abbey as a portrait of Flutterby from the childrens' books by Stephen Cosgrove. :-)
This handsome little guy is a customized Classic Arab Stallion signed "KAY '82." I'm not sure who the artist is, but the paint job is really very well-done. This little guy needs just a little restoration---new eartips and a new tail bone.
This is Orstahk, a really nifty custom Arab stallion done by Linda York. I don't know what mold he started life as, but he is in need of some serious TLC. His filler has lifted and cracked in several places and he needs new hair, but he'll be lovely when I'm done with him. :-)

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