Our small collection of CM glazes.
This is Tipperary, our CM glaze RW Standing Pony Stallion done in an exquisite dapple grey by the late Anthony Thompson.
This magnificent piece is Risque Remarque, the huge Albany "Desert Orchid" china custom glazed by Lyne Raff. He is a multi-champ!
This is a rare Metzler-Ortloff foal custom glazed by Cynthia Gardner to a lovely baby bay.
This handsome fellow is Cashel Rock, a fine china Thoroughbred produced by Caughley in Shrewsbury, England. He is a one-of-a-kind model produced as a sample for Horsing Around. He is quite a large piece at 13.5 inches tall (from hooves to eartips).
This is Addi Velasquez' Highland Pony sculpture Skara Brae in a custom red dun color glazed by Addi herself.
This is Theo, a CM glaze celtic pony medallion by Lesli Kathman in my favorite color.

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